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THE LOSE WEIGHT EAT PIZZA COOKBOOK IS HERE! UNDER 400 CALORIE BUDGET COOKBOOK! If you’ve loved all my free recipes here and in the Lose Weight, Eat Pizza Facebook group you are going to love this cookbook! Here is the direct link to get it: https://shop.lwep.com/products/lose-weight-eat-pizza-cookbook?utm_campaign=website The cookbook has so many […]

Steak Fried Rice

Looking for an easy and delicious recipe to try out? Look no further than steak fried rice! This simple recipe has great flavor, will excite your taste buds and may just be one of your favorite new recipes. This easy meal can even be made a few days ahead and […]

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai pineapple fried rice is a delicious recipe that combines sweet pineapple pieces with savory flavors of stir-fried rice. This recipe is an excellent way to use leftover rice and turn it into a tasty meal. The sweet pineapple chunks add a burst of flavor that complements the rice perfectly. […]

Low Calorie Fried Rice (Easy, Healthy, Fast)

I’m a sucker for Chinese food takeout. The problem with this is I love a giant platter of fried rice. What I don’t love is how many calories are in fried rice (hint; It’s a lot).  My healthy fried rice recipe is just under 400 calories and is perfect for […]

Protein Nachos

If you’re looking for a healthy and high protein snack, look no further than protein nachos! By using Quest Protein Chips you’ll be able to satisfy your craving for traditional nachos without the guilt. With only a few net carbs and a whopping 60 grams of protein, these protein nachos […]

Is Orange Chicken Healthy? (Healthier Easy Recipe)

Orange Chicken has been my Chinese food order for as long as I can remember. The tangy orange sauce makes it a delicious meal. One if the issues is that I add in an egg roll and wonton soup, eating three days worth of calories or more in a single […]

Quick Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe

Honey garlic shrimp stir fry is a super tasty dish that has a great mix of sweet and savory flavors. It’s a healthy and filling meal that’s perfect for dinner or meal prep. The reasons it’s so yummy are the amazing blend of ingredients, how easy it is to make, […]

Protein Shamrock Shake

A Guilt-Free, Healthier Alternative to McDonald’s Classic. The Protein Shamrock Shake is a delightful and nutritious spin on the iconic McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, which has captivated taste buds for decades. With its creamy, minty flavor and vibrant green hue, the original shake has become a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day […]

Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a beloved snack, appetizer, and party food that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, the traditional method of cooking chicken wings (deep-frying) is not the healthiest option, as it can add a significant amount of fat and calories to your meal. Fortunately, air […]

Buffalo Chicken Bombs

Game day is an event that people look forward to, especially when it comes to food. Whether it’s the The Big Game, the World Series, or just a regular Sunday game, a great snack is an essential part of the experience. And one snack that has become a game day […]