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7 Minute Turkey Pesto Crepe ( High Protein )

I’m going to confess. I made this twice yesterday and packed it with extra turkey the second time. I’m probably going to make this again today….and tomorrow…and the next day. It’s that easy and that good. There are so many tweaks you can make to get this even lower calorie or make it fit into your day.

@lowcalkristen you can get this lower calorie by swapping out fat free cheese but I like cheese that doesn’t taste like cardboard 🤷🏻‍♀️ #cico #caloriecounting #recipe #highproteinmeals #weightloss ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Why foods that taste good are important for sustainable weight loss.

Foods that taste good and are highly satiating are so important for losing weight and keeping it off. How many times has your diet sounded something like this:

-Skip breakfast or have dry gross oats.

-Lunch is a hard boiled egg and a salad with no dressing.

-Dinner is the blandest driest chicken breast anyone has ever tasted.

– Go to bed hungry and unhappy, stay on track for three days and then binge because those foods suck.

This is what unsustainable weight loss looks like. This is what diet culture has told you you have to do to lose weight. This is how diet culture keeps weight loss unattainable. This is how diet culture keeps you coming back because you failed their system, their system didn’t fail you. How about this magic pill or workout routine or meals delivered for an absorbent price? These tools will surely make you succeed!

What a healthy relationship with food actually looks like.

You don’t demonize foods, you learn to make things that are filling but low calorie, you lose weight in a calorie deficit without starving yourself, you eat foods that make you happy and you go to bed every night full and happy. There is no diet culture vulture sitting on your shoulder telling you “you shouldn’t have”.

A healthy sustainable way of eating is what we are trying to achieve. CiCo isn’t a diet, it’s just science. Making choices within your calorie allotment will keep you the weight you want for the rest of your life.

How can I adjust the calories of this?

We use a 12 inch skillet to make these. If you don’t have a 12 inch skillet or you want to cut down some of the calories on the crepe – use a 10 inch skillet and split the crepe mixture into two servings. This will cut the calories of the crepe portion down from 150 calories to 75 calories. Alternatively you could also do this to up the calories. Split it into two and double the turkey, cheese and pesto!

Turkey: We use deli thin sliced honey turkey breast in this and use 1.8 servings (95g), to lower the calories a bit more you could use 1 serving or up the calories by using 2 servings.

Cheese: I use a half serving (14g) full fat shredded mozzarella. You can swap this out for reduced fat or fat free to drop the calories a bit. If you want this more cheesy spring for a full serving of cheese (28g).

Tomato: This is fully optional. Jesse hates tomatoes so we leave this out of his.

Pesto: In the original iteration of this recipe I used costco’s brand of pesto. Y’all it comes in at 330 calories for 60g. BONKERS. Since writing this recipe and searching for lower calorie pesto we found that the Barilla brand of pesto adds in a little bit of spinach and reduces some of the oil, it’s only 190 calories for 60g. We found we could use 20g of the Barilla pesto and have it be less calories than costco’s pesto when we were only using 11g.

Protein Powder in the Crepe: You don’t need to use this. We use 10g of a whey/casein blend to up the protein content a bit, if you don’t have any on hand sub this for 10 additional grams of flour.

Can I use the crepe for other things?

We use the crepe wraps as a base for so many things, they are 18g of protein on their own and 150 calories. They can be used to make gyros, burritos and if you split them into two dessert crepes. I have so many recipes for these that will be published in the next few weeks but I encourage you to get creative! These are so easy to make that it’s worth experimenting!

7 Minute Turkey Pesto Crepe ( High Protein )

Recipe by Kristen FCourse: Lunch, DinnerCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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The easiest and fastest low calorie high protein turkey pesto crepe recipe!


  • 20g all purpose flour

  • 10g whey / casein blend protein

  • 5g zero calorie sweetener

  • pinch of salt

  • 80g egg whites

  • 1/4th tsp oil (included in calories but optional based on your pan)

  • 95g deli sliced turkey breast

  • 14g shredded mozzarella

  • 5g sliced tomatoes

  • 11g basil pesto


  • In a bowl combine flour, protein powder, sweetener, salt and egg whites. mix together until theres no clumps
  • lightly oil your pan, and set pan to low heat, pour in mixture and immediately turn pan until the bottom is completely coated. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until you can lift the edges with a spatula.
  • Flip over and immediately add turkey, cheese, tomato & pesto
  • Fold in half and then fold in half again, use a spatula to help with the second fold. remove from heat immediately.


  • I use either vanilla, cookies & cream or unflavored protein powder. I have not tried this with other flavors.
  • I use a whey / casein blend in this. I have not tried to make this with whey by itself or pea protein.
  • Immediately swirl mixture around the pan to coat, if you wait on this your mixture will start to cook before it spreads.
  • I like to pan heat the deli turkey
  • before I start cooking so the cheese melts on contact