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Tortellini with Marinara Sauce

Tortellini with marinara sauce is an excellent meal option for a busy weeknight or a quick dinner solution. With simple ingredients that can be found at any grocery store, this particular recipe is easy to prepare and can be customized to suit any taste preference. As written this is a […]

Loaded Potato Casserole Recipe

Loaded potato casserole is a dish that’s often a hit with the whole family. It’s easy to make and packed with flavor, making it a favorite among those who enjoy potatoes and cheese. This casserole is a perfect choice for any dinner occasion, whether it be for a holiday meal, […]


Mac and cheese is a beloved dish in households across the country. It’s the ultimate comfort food that satisfies our cravings for something warm, cheesy, and filling. However, traditional mac and cheese is not always the most diet friendly option, as it can be high in calories and low in […]

Teriyaki Chicken Meal Prep – Only 398 Calories

Teriyaki chicken is a classic dish that is enjoyed by people all over the world. With its sweet and savory flavors, it is the perfect meal for a quick dinner or for meal prep. I’m going to show you how to make a this teriyaki chicken meal prep, how to […]

Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers

Chili’s honey chipotle chicken crispers are a popular and beloved item on the Chili’s menu. These chicken tenders are coated in a crispy batter and smothered in a sweet and spicy honey chipotle sauce. Here are a few reasons why they have become such a favorite among Chili’s customers. Chili’s […]

Raising Canes Recipe – Tenders & Sauce

This Raising Canes Recipe is so good you’ll never need to stop by canes again. What is Raising Canes? Raising Canes is a fast food restaurant that has gained a massive following thanks to its delicious crispy chicken tenders, French fries, Texas toast, and, of course, their signature cane’s sauce. […]

Air Fryer / Baked Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for a yummy recipe to spice up your next meal that’s sure to be a family favorite, then look no further! These air fryer / baked buffalo chicken egg rolls are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Using a supermarket-bought dip and wonton […]

Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets ( Low Calorie, No Egg, No Flour )

Are you tired of boring, bland chicken for dinner? Look no further, because chicken cutlets cooked in an air fryer are the answer to all your poultry prayers. This air fryer chicken cutlet recipe is so easy with such a short cook time theres no excuse not to make these […]

7 Minute Turkey Pesto Crepe ( High Protein )

I’m going to confess. I made this twice yesterday and packed it with extra turkey the second time. I’m probably going to make this again today….and tomorrow…and the next day. It’s that easy and that good. There are so many tweaks you can make to get this even lower calorie […]

High Protein / Low Calorie Lazy Chicken

I honestly don’t really know what to even call this dish so I’m calling it “lazy chicken”. Why is it lazy? because one day I was tired, hungry and knew I needed to get in a bit more protein for the day but didn’t want to just scarf down chicken […]